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The National Coalition for Safer Roads helps save lives and protects communities by demonstrating how red-light safety cameras can improve driver behavior. 


Melissa has been a dynamic advocate and spokesperson for NCSR from the start, taking on the role of President in 2013. She actively travels the U.S. participating in speaking engagements and spreading her safety message.

NCSR was established to advance the cause of road and traffic safety and to support the road safety technology industry. It is a national coalition whose members and supporters include those who represent the traffic safety industry, safety organizations, and individuals who are active in advocating for safer roads through the use of technology. 

National Coalition for Safer Roads is a Texas nonprofit organization that has qualified to operate in Missouri and District of Columbia. NCSR is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(6) organization. Melissa Wandall is a nationally recognized traffic safety advocate who was instrumental in passing Florida’s Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, named in memory of her husband who was killed in a red-light running collision. The act has allowed Florida communities to utilize the beneficial technology of red-light safety cameras. 

Melissa Wandall, President